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American Conchologist is the official publication of the Conchologists of America. It is a well-illustrated quarterly journal of conchology, containing scientific articles, first-hand accounts of collecting spots, books reviews, advertisements, shell club news, COA Trophy winners, shell show schedules, convention news and a wealth of information about mollusks--land, marine, freshwater and fossil.

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Editor’s comments
Shell Collecting in Cuba - November 1930 - Part 2 by Paul McGinty
A fantastic article with nice pictures!
Mistaken identity by Tom Eichorst - or oops, a few errors on last issue
An ersatz Valvata from Bernheim Forest, Kentucky by Harry Lee
In Memoriam - Barbara Jean Elliott
56 years of shells collecting by Warren Graff
35th Astronaut Trail Shell Club Festival Show - 10-11 January 2015 and Sarasota Shell Club Annual Shell Show, 13-15 February 2015.
Great pictures from both shows!
2015 COA convention information - July 14 to 18, 2015 - Almost there!

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Back issues of the COA quarterly journal, American Conchologist, are available at $5.00 per issue. Filled with articles on shells, shell trips, personalities in the shell world, events, collecting and exhibiting methods...they are an excellent resource.
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